realbadtricks (realbadtricks) wrote in monroedesigns,

Challenge 02

As i said awards will be up later i have been very busy,but i`ll try to get the awards up asap.
Here is the new challenge,
You have to include the word Wonderful in your text .
Your icon can have any picture you want on it,of course it has to be marilyn monroe lol.

you can post 2 or 1 icons if you`d like^_^
I hope you will enter.

-Voting will be this friday.
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comments aren't screened. :)
sorry about that,must have slipped my mind thanks!
hey hun

I'm going to be removing myself as a mod here ;( I'm waaaay too busy with college and I'm being a bad mod here. I'm sorry I didn't do well :(`s a really great shame that you`ve gone:(
i can`t really do good here by myself:(